How to Improve Alexa Rank of Your Website/Blog?

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4 min readMar 17, 2021

There are many bloggers and site owners who take attention upon their blog’s Alexa ranking a lot. The reason for it is many of advertisers took interest on advertising with sites which has good rank in Alexa so to earn money it is important to take attention on it. So in this article we’ll see ways by which you can improve Alexa rank of your site and also ways which is not good for you and your site to try.

How to Improve Alexa Rank of Your Site?


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most recommended and best ways to improve your traffic by which your Alexa rank can be improve. Nearly every advertiser likes to advertise with sites that get more organic traffic than referral traffic. So it is important to get better traffic from search engines and for this you have to improve your site’s SEO. You can learn here few basic but important SEO techniques from here.

Promotion on Social Networking Sites:

Many peoples get good rank only due to social networking sites. You can share your site on various social networks which allows promotion (important). If you are on Facebook, then you can join various groups which allow sharing your links and get good number of traffic from there. Also if you have huge number of fans on various social networks than you just needs to share your site on there and you can easily get good number of traffic from there which will help you to improve your Alexa rank.

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Guest Posting:

If you can do guest posting than you can generate few traffic from the blog where you are doing post also. If you found blogs on your site’s niche, such as if your site is related with technology than you can do guest post on another technology blog so you could get targeted traffic. If you are posting on a high traffic getting site than surely you can get hundreds of visitors from that blog.

If you want to improve your blog’s rank than you can also start allowing guest posting on your blog, as you cannot write too many articles every day so if you get many guest authors than they may also do posts in daily basis so your blog will start getting additional traffic from both search engines and social networks (if you or your guest authors share the post they written). However allowing guest authors is not a good idea for Google PageRank, so I couldn’t recommend it but you should allow if you are not able to do post on your blog every day.


This is the way which many of peoples use. Commenting on same niche blogs can also generate little traffic for your site. It would be better to comment on blogs which uses CommentLuv named commenting system which allows one post to be shown within your comment in which peoples may visit. However it will increase your referral traffic which is not good for earnings so I couldn’t recommend this also but if you are not thinking about earnings and only about ranking than this will surely help you.

Recommending Alexa Toolbar:

Having Alexa toolbar by your visitors will surely improve your rank the reason is, Alexa get know where peoples do visit from Alexa toolbar also so it would give simply boost to your rank. You can place banner of Alexa toolbar for your visitors to download and install that, so when your visitors visit your site again they will also get counted by Alexa and you will get better rank.

Pro Subscription of Alexa:

Sign up for Alexa premium subscriptions packs to get better information about your traffic and also to get your every single visitor counted by Alexa. However it would be good to use their trial services before taking any subscription pack as few peoples also get their rank increased due to it, so before making any purchase test yourself its trial version and if it get beneficial for you than simply purchase its subscription if you want.

What you should not do?

Traffic Exchange:

Many peoples use such type sites which do traffic exchange, which means you visit others site to get visits on yours. But most of such type sites uses iFrame to open sites which will not help your site to get better rank and will not worth you and even if you have Google AdSense ad network than it can be dangerous for it, so trying these will only affect your site badly.

Alexa rank boosters:

You may also get few sites which helps in improving Alexa rank of sites and most of them really work, as they open the site in new window but using them will leave an bad impression upon your Alexa rank, because as they will improve your rank by opening your site in new window so they will also show as the referrals on your Alexa rank and the reason for accuracy of most of them is they need to have users Alexa toolbar, so Alexa get accurate results that from where you are receiving traffic and it will not work even if you use Google Search link on your site to get search engine traffic on Alexa.



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